Report of the support action in Iwate 



I visited Iwate prefecture on June 4 to5 after I had heard that Uyghur students in Iwate University would encourage disaster victims of Great East Japan Earthquake by serving Uyghur dish and playing Uyghur music.


This support action was planned and practiced by Professor Mr. Okazaki in Iwate University International Exchange center and Uyghur students in Iwate University. Some Uyghur alumni of Iwate University also attended the action after hearing the information. The support action was held at “Aisinkan” and “Seionsou” in Tsunagi hot spring area, Iwate prefecture. About 170 people from Ozuchi-cho have been evacuated at “Aishinkan” and about 40 people from Yamada-cho have been evacuated at “Seionsou”.


 Uyghur students served Uyghur dish, Polo, Kawap and Salad. Before the action, the students had felt afraid whether Japanese refugees would love Uyghur dish or not because many of refugees were old. But most of them loved Uyghur dish.




Uyghur students played Uyghur music and presented Uyghur doppa to refugees. The sutudents explained about Dotar and Tanbur and played them. The students also played “Atalar” with the guitar and sang “Nadasousou” in Japanese. At last, the students danced with “Masyurap” and ended the action.



 A lot of Japanese refugees said “I haven’t felt so joyful in a long time”. The student and alumni had said they wanted to repay the kindness to Japan. So Uyghur students looked more joyful after seeing joyful Japanese refugees.





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